Cookies for Babies ®                                                  


Cookies For Babies ® uses 100% USDA certified organic untreated (unbleached) white flour made from hard red winter wheat, enriched with vitamins B and iron. It is aged naturally and is a good source of Folate. We use just a bit of 100 % natural, USDA certified organic evaporated cane juice.

Our butter is an award-winning, 100% natural, homemade butter (rBGH hormone free) made in Maine by a family-owned producer. They only use fresh cream gathered from farms that do not treat their cows with “artificial growth hormones.” The cream is carefully churned every day in small batches into butter (the old fashioned way)  with no preservatives or artificial coloring or flavoring. 

Our suppliers are as passionate about their products as we are about our baby cookies, and...

Note - Parents:  As you feed your infant with our baby cookies, finger foods or any other food that may pose a choking hazard, we strongly recommend parental supervision.  Although our baby cookies dissolve quickly in the mouth, always ensure your child is in a totally upright sitting position. We also encourage you to try our baby cookies first. Be sure that your little one tolerates gluten, milk and wheat.

corn free

.  egg free

.  honey free     

.  tree nuts free     

.  peanut free         

.  molasses free

.  oil free    

.  salt free      

.  starch free

.  soy free

.  GMO free

.  no artificial colors

.  spice free           

.  seed free               

.  yeast free

.  baking soda free

.  rBGH free       

.  no trans fat

.  pesticide free

.  high fructose

.  corn syrup free

.  low in sugar

.  no additives

.  no preservatives

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